Facts about junction 21 Chauffeurs

Facts about our Chauffeurs and keeping you safe

Our Chauffeurs are keeping you safe when it really matters

Safety First – 100% safety record. More so, in the current climate, it is all about safe travel. Do you want to book a regular Taxi service with the drivers picking up dozens of passengers each day? If not, choose a Chauffeur service for that extra peace of mind.

Chauffeurs, at most, do just a handful of jobs a day. This allows them to fully cleanse the vehicle in between bookings SAFETY FIRST

Discount codes – Updated Monthly. It must be said, a Chauffeur service costs more than a Taxi service.

Most Chauffeur companies have a web page totally dedicated to discount codes. This entices new customers to try out the service for the first time. The hope is, once a customer has used the service, they will become regular users DISCOUNT CODES

Our Mission

To be our customers first choice

As the first Chauffeur Company to win the annual Business Awards we strive to compete at the highest level.

Extraordinary Experiences

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Junction 21 are anything but ordinary

Our Core Values

Safety First

More facts about Junction 21 Chauffeurs

John Byrne - CEO

CEO of Junction 21 Chauffeurs Manchester

Junction 21 Chauffeurs was founded by John Byrne in 2008. Moreover, they went on to win Business of the year at the annual RB Awards, the first ever Chauffeur Company to do so.

In fact, John himself, was a finalist for Businessperson of the year, alas he came runner up.

Family Business

Although his Wife & Sons keep telling him to sit back and let them take over the Business, John still insists on personally recruiting and training new drivers.

Indeed, you will often see him at Manchester Airport treating the drivers to a coffee. Just as important, he likes to say a quick hello to the clients as they are met by the drivers.

Adapting to new Chauffeur Dispatching Technology

In the early days John was a key driver for the business. In fact, he used the old-fashioned pen & paper method to record jobs.

How things have changed, these days Junction 21 are fully computerised and automated. That said, this process was more down to the involvement of his Wife & Sons. Moreover, the software provided by CHAUFFEUR DRIVE SYSTEMS has helped take the company to the next level.

Adding a Manchester Airport Taxi company to portfolio

In 2012 John added a second company to his portfolio – J21 Airport Taxis. This additional service was just for Transfers to and from Manchester Airport.

Consequently, this helped reduce the companies Carbon Footprint as it reduced dead miles. Basically, a driver would drop a client off at departures and then have a fare to collect at arrivals.

This is a totally online booking service for transfers to & from Manchester Airport. Indeed, the new company is used by many clients, for both Business travel & Pleasure.

This had the added benefit of not only catering for local clients, but attracting many international clients visiting the UK VIA Manchester Airport J21 AIRPORT TAXIS


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It May be the luxury Executive Vehicles and smart professional drivers. On the other hand, it may just be down to the fact that Junction 21 are a caring family business. Most likely, it is probably more down to the fact that Junction 21 have a 100% safety record, particularly important in these testing times.

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