Client Portal Login

Client portal login - notes


You can log in to view, add or amend all bookings.

This can only be done for bookings at least 6 hours in the future (If under 6 hours, please contact the office)

Flight number

Enter the flight number, e.g., Be1031 (Nothing else/No spaces) Then click the ‘?’ tab and it will autofill the full flight info.

Confirmation Email

Passengers & Bookers will receive an email confirmation at time of booking.


All passengers will also receive an automatic email the evening before travel at 19.00 (7pm) with Driver & Vehicle details (Providing an email address has been provided.)

For Airport collections this includes the precise spot where the driver is stood, holding a name board, in the arrival’s hall.

Repeat bookings

When booking for the same traveller again you can just start typing their name and their contact info will autofill.

Cancellation policy

6 hours or over – No cancellation charge

Under 6 hours – Cost minus 80%

Under 4 hours – Cost minus 70%

Under 2 hours (Manchester Airport pickups) – Charged in full

Under 1 hour (Local pickups) – Charged in full

Junction 21’s updated safety policy can be viewed HERE

Junction 21 Chauffeurs – Licensed to operate identification number PO0178