Notes on making a Client portal booking if you are new to the system

Flight number

Enter the flight number, I.e. Be1031 (Nothing else/No spaces) Then click the ‘?’ tab and it will autofill the full flight info.

Confirmation Email

Passengers & Bookers will receive an email confirmation at time of booking.


Passengers will also receive an automatic email approx. 20 minutes before collection time with Driver & Vehicle details (Providing an email address has been provided.)

For Airport collections this includes the precise spot where the driver is stood, holding a name board, in the arrival hall.

Return journey

To book a return journey press the ‘SAVE’ tab and then click the ‘’Create Return Hire’ tab and the journey will automatically reverse itself.

Repeat bookings

When booking for the same traveller again you can just start typing their name and their contact info will autofill.


You can log in to view, add or amend all bookings.

This can only be done for bookings at least 6 hours in the future (If under 6 hours, please contact the office)

Dispatch Chauffeur Software

Dispatch Chauffeur Software is provided through our partnership with CHAUFFEUR DRIVE SYSTEMS

Junction 21’s updated safety policy can be viewed HERE