Key differences between a Chauffeur and a Driver

Chauffeur V Driver

Although both will collect you and take you to your destination, the service you receive will be completely different.

This article will help you understand the difference between a Chauffeur and Taxi driver, helping you make a more informed choice about the type of service you require.

Who can be a Driver or Chauffeur?

Taxi Driver

Most people that hold a UK licence can apply to become a Taxi driver.

A Driver can usually start the same day Just by going to any local Taxi office, and as long as the following are in place, the driver can usually start immediately.

Minimum age = 21

Have the relevant Driver & Vehicle Licenses from the local authority.

Have a vehicle that is no less than 10 years old and has at least 4 doors.


Not everyone can be a Chauffeur.

Most Chauffeur Companies require the following to be in place. However, these are usually the minimum requirements.

Minimum age requirement = 25

Vehicle usually has to be no older than 3 years old.

Vehicle must be insured as a Chauffeur Vehicle, including public liability, which is usually around 6 x the cost of normal insurance, due to the nature of the business.

Applicants must have advanced driving skills, although most companies prefer to train their Chauffeurs in house.

Potential Chauffeurs are then interviewed.


Interviewed by email, which helps ascertain their written English language skills and efficiency of communication.


Phone interview to ascertain the depth of their spoken word.


Those shortlisted attend a face-to-face interview.


Further shortlisting of applicants follows. Consequently, those successful are invited to attend a training day. In addition, the applicants are invited to drive the examiner on a set course.


Only 5% of applicants make it past stage 4.


A Taxi will get you from A to B

A Chauffeur will do the same, but the experience will be totally different

Arrive at least 10 minutes early, yet be prepared to wait for you, should you be running behind schedule.

Will provide a brolly service, should the weather be unfavourable.

Collect your luggage, load it in the vehicle, and stand by the vehicle doors, awaiting your readiness to depart.

Listen to any extra requirements you have and know how to deal with them.

Meet and greet you in the arrival’s hall with a nameboard, for airport collections.

Will be well presented in business attire and driving an immaculately presented Executive vehicle.

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John Byrne - Co-Founder

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