Key differences between a Chauffeur and a Driver

Key differences between a Chauffeur and a Driver.

Are you a Private Client or a Business Traveller?

Moreover, do you choose a driver or Chauffeur when safe travel matters?

Who can be a Driver or Chauffeur?


Anyone can be a Driver.

: A Driver can usually start the same day Just by going to any local Taxi office. In other words, as long as the following are in place, the driver can usually start immediately.

: Minimum age = 21

: Have the relevant Driver & Vehicle Licenses from your local authority.

: Firstly, the vehicle usually has to be no less than 10 years old. Secondly, have at least 4 doors. Finally, vehicle to be insured for Hire & Reward.


Not everyone can be a Chauffeur.

Most Chauffeur Companies require the following to be in place. However, these are usually the minimum requirements.

Firstly, minimum age requirement is 25.

Secondly, applicants need to have the relevant Chauffeur & Vehicle Licenses from the local authority.

Thirdly, vehicle usually has to be no older than 3 years old and have at least 4 doors. Most importantly, it must be insured as a Chauffeur Vehicle.

Finally, applicants to have advanced driving skills, although most companies prefer to train their own Chauffeurs in house.

Potential Chauffeurs are then interviewed. Initially, by email and then over the phone. After that, the shortlisted attend a face to face interview.

Further shortlisting of applicants follows. Consequently, those successful are invited to attend a training day. In addition, the applicants are invited to drive the examiner on a set course.

Vehicle needs to be an Executive type. For example, typical vehicle would usually be a Mercedes or BMW. On the other hand, a few Chauffeur Companies are starting to include a Tesla or 2 in their fleets. For example, the 100% all electric Tesla Model X.

When Safe Travel Matters

Junction 21 Chauffeurs GUIDANCE

Her Majesty’s Government GUIDANCE 

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John Byrne - CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs
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