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When Safe Travel Matters – Travel with the experts at Junction 21 Chauffeurs
Winners of Business of the Year > 1 Million @ RB Annual Awards

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Message from John

“Our business of providing Chauffeur Driven Car Hire in Todmorden and an Executive Taxi transfer service to and from Manchester Airport, like so many others, has been severely affected by the economic downturn. The loss of custom has been overwhelming.

I keep asking myself could I have done more; could I have planned better to offset the fall-out from this Force Majeure? Maybe, but I cannot think what. I guess the constant use of the word unprecedented says it all.

So, after many a sleepless night, I took the decision to introduce discount codes, in the hope that this will see our much-loved family business through to better times.”

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John Byrne - CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs

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Customer Reviews

I have used Junction 21 Chauffeurs on many occasions and as always, the service was fantastic. On the latest trip Jane was our driver, very courteous and professional.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Mark & Carol

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Winners of Business of the Year at the Annual RB Awards - 1st Ever Chauffeur Company to do so!

Sully picked us up in from Manchester Airport and safely and delightfully delivered us to Derby, where my son is starting university. I highly recommend Junction 21.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Rene Hamlin

Todmorden Chauffeurs & Manchester Airport Taxi service

All Todmorden Chauffeurs receive professional training in house and are fully Licensed to provide an Executive Chauffeur service and Taxi transfers to & from Manchester Airport and the surrounding areas. The Chauffeurs, combined with a fleet of Executive Chauffeur Driven Cars, ensure your journey is planned and completed to your expectations.

Therefore, if you require an Executive Chauffeur Driven Car Service or a Taxi transfer to or from Manchester Airport, then you need look no further. Whether for a business trip, Holiday Taxi Transfer or pleasure, our team will ensure a safe arrival every time.


Only 5% of drivers that apply to work for Junction 21 make it onto our platform due to our strict and rigorous training. Most importantly, this gives you one less thing to worry about.


Junction 21 have invested in the latest technology by implementing the latest software to keep both you and your Data safe. Moreover, this ensures your journey is planned and completed to your expectation.


For convenience, in addition to your initial booking confirmation, all Passengers receive driver and vehicle details. Indeed, passengers receive this reminder the evening before travel at 19.00 (7PM)


Junction 21 have followed the emergency services lead by implementing W3W to pinpoint your exact location.


Protecting our Customers data – Number masking (Replacing a real number with a virtual number) acts as a bridge between Driver & Passenger without exposing personal phone numbers.


From the moment you book our Executive Manchester Airport Taxi Service you will find yourself in the safe hands of a team of people who care.

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Todmorden Executive Chauffeurs - Standards

Todmorden Executive Chauffeurs are trained to the highest standard. As a result, our 100% safety record is a testament to the care we take in looking after our customers each and every day.

Our staff are professional and courteous at all times. This distinction helped us to win Business of the Year at RB Awards. The whole team was delighted to receive this recognition – The first chauffeur company ever to do so.

Check out the Video below. Latest Family member of ‘’Team J21’’ on his 1st day in the office.

Charlie George Byrne – Age 9 – Grandson of John Byrne – CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs

Picture of CEO of Executive Chauffeurs
John Byrne - CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs
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Charlie from Junction 21 with Man United's Marcus Rashford MBE
Charlie with Marcus Rashford MBE

More about Todmorden

Todmorden is made up of 6 Wards, as below.

Central / Cornholme / Langfield / Stansfield / Stoodley / Walsden

Todmorden is in the upper Calder Valley. Indeed, many other smaller towns and Villages in the valley include.

Hebden Bridge / Mytholmroyd / Cross Stone / Eastwood / Mankinholes / Lumbutts / Robinwood / Lydgate / Portsmouth / Shade / Dobroyd / Ferney Lee / Gauxholme

It is a small market town, just a few miles from Rochdale. Indeed, it less than 20 miles from Manchester. Todmorden has a Population of just over 15,000. Notably, many TV programmes have been filmed at this location in Lancashire. Just to mention a couple, Juliet Bravo, a police Drama from the 1980’s. More recently, Happy Valley, a crime drama screened on BBC. In fact, Prince Charles visited Todmorden. Moreover, he has visited this Market Town Twice. The second time was in the Autumn of 2010.

Why are Chauffeurs services in Todmorden more popular in Winter?

Many Business and private clients choose to travel using an Executive Chauffeur driven car service. Moreover, in the Winter Season, rather than a Taxi service. Reasons for this are plenty. For example, some clients just want to travel in Luxury.

On the other hand, many clients are looking for a safer way to travel. Moreover, in Winter when the weather is bad, especially up in the hilly regions. Even more so, with it being the Flu season. Reasons being, they are trying to avoid crowded public transport or Taxis that do multiple journeys in a short period of time.

Properties in Todmorden have an average sale price of just over £150K. Indeed, this proves to be great value for money to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Incredible Town

Incredible Edible has created much interest in Todmorden. In fact, it has brought more visitors to the town in the last 10 years than anyone else.

Furthermore, take a look at the short video. For information, it is presented by Todmorden Information Centre and Incredible Edible.

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