When it comes to offering a Luxury Chauffeur Service to Manchester Airport, look no further. The team at Junction 21 believe they are the best.

Junction 21 – Answers the 7 most commonly asked questions Customers ask before booking a Chauffeur to Manchester Airport.

Q1 How can I check a Chauffeur Company is Licensed?

A – This is the most important Question, as if the Chauffeur Company is not Licensed – You will be uninsured for your journey. Most importantly, use the licence Checker tab below to find out.


Q2 Do Junction 21 Chauffeurs offer discount codes for 1st time customers?

A – Yes, we offer discount codes. The codes are updated on the 1st of every month. Moreover, some get discontinued and new ones get added.


Q3 – What do other Customers say about our Chauffeur Service to Manchester Airport?

A – Take a look at our reviews page. Junction 21 Chauffeurs collect reviews on 3 independent review platforms. In fact, we offer further discounts for customers that leave a review when we exceed their expectations. The reason being reviews help us achieve a higher placement on the search engines. Indeed, why not reward Customers for doing so.


Other Important Questions

Q4 – How much does it cost to hire a Luxury Executive Car and Chauffeur?

A – The price varies depending on the time of day. Indeed, Vehicle choice and the amount of discount applied triggers the cost. All you need to do to get a quote is enter Date, Time and Pickup/drop off addresses. Instant quote in a few seconds.


Q5 – How do Junction 21 keep Customers safe in the Flu Season?

A – We often wonder why this is so low down in the top 7 questions asked. This surely is one of the main reasons more customers are switching from Taxis and Public Transport to a Chauffeur Service. Read our Safety guidance below.


Q6 – Do you provide Wedding Transportation?

A – Yes, take a look at our wedding page. Indeed, we take the Groom for FREE!


Q7 – Do you provide Private Chauffeur Sightseeing tours of Manchester?

A – Junction 21 Chauffeurs provide both half and full day Sightseeing Tours. Moreover, experience this magnificent City from the comfort and extra safety of your own private vehicle.


John Byrne – CEO @ Junction 21

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Mercedes Benz V CLASS

Mercedes Benz Saloon

What is the cost of booking a Chauffeur to Manchester Airport?

Executive Saloon

Prices usually start from around £80 for a fully Licensed Chauffeur and vehicle, for a transfer to Manchester Airport. By default, a typically vehicle would be a Mercedes E Class Saloon.
Executive saloons are usually licensed for 4 passengers. That is to say, the maximum number of passengers that can be legally carried is 4. However, most Chauffeur companies advise a maximum of 3 passengers. After all, being Chauffeur driven is about luxury travel and not packing passengers in like sardines.
It is worth noting, during Pandemics, or even the Flu season, many Chauffeurs prefer not to allow front seat passengers. Subsequently, it is worth checking the advice of the Chauffeur company before making a booking. GET A QUOTE

Executive MPV’s

Larger vehicles, such as a Mercedes V Class MPV, can cost much more.
These Executive MPV Vehicles are a favourite amongst Chauffeurs. Moreover, they are usually licensed for 7 passengers and have conference seating for 6 in the rear.
The cost of hiring a Luxury Chauffeur Driven MPV to Manchester Airport, usually starts at around £100. In short, this would cover a transfer distance of up to 20 miles or so. GET A QUOTE

Long Distance Transfers to Manchester Airport

Travelling further afield, additional miles, over the 20, would incur extra costs. Typically, each extra mile, would cost between £3 to £5. Consequently, this does depend on the size of vehicle booked.
It is always advisable to book well in advance, especially if requiring the more spacious MPV’s. More so, for extra safety in the Flu season, or in times when a Virus is circulating.
Also, for long distance transfers to Manchester Airport, it is worth noting that the MPV’s are the most popular. Some of the reason’s customers give, are as below
Vehicles are equipped with a fridge stocked with cold drinks.
It has a rear passenger cabin, with conference seating for 6 passengers in the rear. Moreover, it is probably the most sumptuous and well-appointed vehicle in its class.
The extra leg room and privacy glass make you feel that you are truly travelling to Manchester Airport in a First-Class Cabin. GET A QUOTE

Typical cost for Chauffeur Driven Vehicle to Manchester Airport

Chauffeurs operating vehicles to Manchester Airport usually have a selection of vehicles available. Some examples, of vehicles and pricing, for a transfer of up to 20 miles or so, are as below.

Saloon – From £80 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 3 x medium luggage

Estate – From £90 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 4 x luggage plus carry-on luggage

MPV – From £100 – Ideal for 6 x passengers and 6 x luggage plus carry-on luggage

Tesla Model X – From £180 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 3 x medium luggage

Cost includes drop off parking. Most importantly, our Chauffeurs drop you off right outside the entrance of the terminal departure hall.

For convenience, passengers will receive a confirmation email prior to collection.

In addition, the passenger will receive drivers name, picture, and contact number. Likewise, the vehicle details, including registration number and picture of vehicle, will be included in email.

Do Junction 21 Chauffeurs offer a Meet and Greet Service?

Our Professional drivers wait in the Airport arrivals hall with a meet and greet board. Prior to collection, passengers receive a message with all the driver’s details, including information on the exact spot the Chauffeur is stood.

Airport collections – Chauffeur from Manchester Airport READ MORE

Ready to book a Chauffeur Driven car to Manchester Airport

Firstly, make sure you get your DISCOUNT CODE.

Secondly, enter your discount code in the QUOTE BOX.

Finally, book online and leave the rest to us.

Junction 21 use the latest technology. Moreover, this ensures your journey is planned and completed to your expectation. For convenience, in addition to your initial booking confirmation, all Passengers receive driver and vehicle details. Indeed, passengers also receive this reminder approx. twenty minutes before pickup.

In conclusion, from the moment you book you will find yourself in the hands of a team of people who care.

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