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When Safe Travel Matters – Travel with the experts at Junction 21 Chauffeurs

Winners: Business of the Year > 1 Million @ RB Annual Awards

Please read message below from John, owner of this 5-Star Rated Family Business

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Message from John

‘’I am the founder and CEO of Junction 21 Chauffeurs, married to my Business Partner, Pauline, proud Father of 4, and even prouder Grandfather of 12

Junction 21 Chauffeurs, established in 2007, provides an Executive Chauffeur Driven Car Service for business or pleasure

Our reputation as a trustworthy business partner is critical to our business success

We take great pride in our honesty, professionalism, ethical behaviour, and integrity with our staff and clients. Our reputation is paramount to our success

Our business goals are only met when mutually we make our clients successful, and we are fairly rewarded

By getting all these right, quality, service, and corporate safety, we serve our clients’ needs successfully

Our greatest professional achievement is being the 1st and only ever Chauffeur Company to win ‘Business of the Year > 1 Million’ at the Rochdale Annual Business Awards

We welcome you to join us on the road ahead’’

Picture of CEO of Executive Chauffeurs
John Byrne - CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs

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Customer Reviews

I have used Junction 21 Chauffeurs on many occasions and as always, the service was fantastic. On the latest trip Jane was our driver, very courteous and professional.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Mark & Carol

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Winners of Business of the Year at the Annual RB Awards Ceremony - 1st Ever Chauffeur Company to do so!

Sully picked us up in from Manchester Airport and safely and delightfully delivered us to Derby, where my son is starting university. I highly recommend Junction 21.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Rene Hamlin


All Bury Chauffeurs receive professional training in house and are locally Licensed drivers within Greater Manchester. The Chauffeurs, combined with a fleet of Executive Chauffeur Driven Cars, ensure your journey is planned and completed to your expectations.

Therefore, if you require an Executive Chauffeur Driven Car Service in Bury, whether for a business meeting, Airport transfer, Cruise Transfer, Day Hire or Wedding transportation, our team will ensure a safe arrival every time.


Only 5% of drivers that apply to work as a Chauffeur in Bury, Greater Manchester make it onto our platform due to our strict and rigorous training


Junction 21 Chauffeurs have invested in technology by implementing the latest software to keep both you and your Data safe. Moreover, this ensures your journey is planned and completed to your expectation


For convenience, in addition to your initial booking confirmation, all Passengers receive driver and vehicle details the evening before travel at 19.00 (7PM) BST


Junction 21 have followed the emergency services lead by implementing W3W to pinpoint your exact location.


Protecting our customers data – Number masking (Replacing a real number with a virtual number) acts as a bridge between Driver & Passenger without exposing personal phone numbers.


From the moment you book an Executive Chauffeur Driven Car Service, in and around Bury, Greater Manchester, you will find yourself in the safe hands of a team of people who care.

Junction 21 Chauffeurs, first and only Chauffeur company to be awarded ‘’Business of the Year > 1 Million @ the RB Annual Awards’’

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Top 7 Questions Customers ask before making a booking

Chauffeurs Bury Greater Manchester ‘Junction 21’ answers the 7 most commonly asked questions

Q1 – How can I check a Chauffeur Company is Licensed?

A – Always use the Licence checker before booking a Chauffeur Driven Car service. If the Chauffeur company is not legally Licensed, you will be uninsured for the journey.


Q2 – Do Junction 21 Chauffeurs offer discount codes?

A – Discount Codes are available for both 1st time customers and returning customers.


Q3 – What do Customers say about Chauffeurs Bury Greater Manchester?

A – Junction 21 Chauffeurs are rated as a 5-Star Executive Chauffeur Company on 3 independent review platforms


Other Important Questions

Q4 – How much does it cost to hire a Luxury Executive Car and Chauffeur?

A – The price varies depending on the time of day. Indeed, Vehicle choice and the amount of discount applied triggers the cost. All you need to do to get a quote is enter Date, Time and Pickup/drop off addresses. Instant quote in a few seconds.


Q5 – How do our Chauffeurs keep Customers safe in the Flu Season?

A – We often wonder why this is so low down in the top 7 questions asked. This surely is one of the main reasons more customers are switching from Taxis and Public Transport to a Chauffeur Service. Read our Safety guidance below.


Q6 – Do you provide Wedding Transportation?

A – Yes, take a look at our wedding page. Indeed, we take the Groom for FREE!


Q7 – Do you provide Private Chauffeur Sightseeing tours of Manchester?

A – Junction 21 Chauffeurs provide both half and full day Sightseeing Tours. Moreover, experience this magnificent City from the comfort and extra safety of your own private vehicle.



Chauffeurs in Bury, Greater Manchester. Home to the Black Pudding. Indeed, it Also hosts one of the best Markets in the UK

Video of the Area
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Chauffeurs Bury Greater Manchester

Book with Junction 21 Chauffeurs in Bury. Suppliers of a range of Executive Chauffeur Driven cars throughout the UK. This includes transfers in and around the Market town of Bury in Greater Manchester.

Bury is Situated just 10 miles from Manchester Centre. More importantly, for international visitors, is less than 25 miles from Manchester International Airport. Therefore, transfer time is approx. 30 minutes. Travel time is, however, dependent on time of day.

There are many attractions and places to visit in this location. Indeed, many clients arriving at Manchester international Airport on Business or Pleasure like to check out local attractions. This usually includes a visit to the World-famous Black Pudding Stall. You can find their stall at Bury Market.

All of our Bury and Manchester Airport Chauffeurs are proud of this World-famous Market Stall. Indeed, they always recommend it as the 1st stop in the 3 things you must do when visiting the town.

How much does a Bury Chauffeur cost

Although customers want to know the cost of a Chauffeur service in Bury, more than ever, customers are looking at the safety aspect of travelling. This is especially prevalent when arriving at Manchester Airport and visiting Bury for the first time. That said, they are still looking to get good value, hence, the cost is also important.

Firstly, customers check the Safety policy and procedures. Most importantly, this step used to be lower in the order but is now at the forefront of their minds when travelling.

Secondly, they check reviews to see what other customers are saying. Checking out the reviews page is a must.

Thirdly, they search for discount codes. For instance, most Chauffeur companies offer a discount to first time customers.

Finally, if all the above check out, customers book and pay for the service online.

Potential customers, as a first step, nearly always check reviews to see what other customer are saying. As discussed above, after checking out the safety record of a company, most customers check out a company’s reviews. That is to say, before even considering booking a Chauffeur Service online they research the above.

The Chauffeur Industry is no different to any other travel organization. Likewise, customers check out reviews before booking. Many customers also leave a positive review. That said, it is providing they receive an excellent service. Consequently, this helps future clients read what others have to say before committing to booking online.

In conclusion, why not check out the reviews page. Most importantly, it contains live reviews about the Chauffeur Service they have received.

Other locations

Junction 21 ‘s Head Office location is based just a few miles from Bury Town Centre. In addition, they supply Chauffeur driven cars throughout the North West of England and beyond.

Above all, the biggest percentage of bookings are for our Manchester Airport Chauffeurs division. That is to say, Junction 21 Chauffeurs provide transfers to & from Manchester International Airport. Indeed, clients arriving in the UK travel to every corner of the UK. This includes Scotland and Wales.

Firstly, search for Chauffeurs in Bury.  It is always wise to do some research on the Chauffeur company. Most importantly, it helps you know that they have a physical location. This can be confirmed on search engines, such as Google and Bing. Junction 21 Chauffeurs have a Head office located in Rochdale. This is located just a few miles from Bury, Greater Manchester. In addition, they provide Corporate and Private Chauffeur Services throughout Greater Manchester. Locations covered include Manchester Airport, the North West of England & beyond.

When Safe Travel Matters, you will find that Junction 21 Chauffeurs have an outstanding reputation for Safety. As a result, we became the first ever Chauffeur company to win Business of the year at the RB Awards.

Our approach to safe travel is the number one reason our clients give for selecting Junction 21 as their preferred supplier.

Travelling for Business or Pleasure #whensafetravelmatters, the team at Junction 21 Chauffeurs use the latest technology. This ensures your journey is planned and completed to your expectations.

For extra peace of mind, you will receive updated details approx. 20 minutes before collection time. This includes driver details, contact number and Vehicle details.


The customer base at Junction 21 Chauffeurs ranges from large Corporations to Private individuals.

Moreover, a high percentage of our clients are Doctors, Professionals and the elderly looking for a safer travel option.

Chauffeur Training begins with Potential Chauffeurs being interviewed. firstly, by email and secondly by phone. Finally, they attend a face to face interview and Driving assessment.

The CEO, John Byrne, personally attends the final interview. Going forward, he acts out the passenger role on the driver training assessment part of the interview.

Consequently, only 5% of applicants eventually make the grade as a professional Chauffeur at Junction 21.

In addition to Chauffeur Training, the office staff have to reach the same benchmark. Moreover, being a family business, a recent addition to the team is one of the owners Grandchildren, Charlie George Byrne. Charlie’s first role is to help his granddad with social media. This is aimed at the company’s Manchester Airport Chauffeurs division

Chauffeurs Bury Greater Manchester - Benchmark

The benchmark is, for instance, would you entrust Junction 21 to safely look after your elderly parents? Indeed, the same for, Grandchildren, loved ones or that potential new business client visiting your company. All this comes under the same category.

This is the additional benchmark Drivers must pass, in order to become members of our family team.

Chauffeurs Bury Greater Manchester - reviews

Please read some of the many hundreds of reviews posted by our clients. Not only from Bury and the surrounding areas, but from all over the World. They give feedback using several review platforms including Google, eKomi, FreeIndex, Facebook & many more.

Just search Junction 21 Chauffeurs, or simply use the search engines to look for local Chauffeur hire companies. Read the many 5 Star Google reviews posted by recent clients. Moreover, just click on the reviews tab to check out our live feed from the FreeIndex review platform.

Why do Junction 21 Chauffeurs get so many reviews? Most certainly reviews help obtain repeat custom. Recommendations help potential clients decide which Chauffeur company to travel with.

Some customers just want a luxury Chauffeur Driven car, maybe for a special anniversary, or simply a treat. Others like to have a smart professional driver to cater for their every need. Being a family business caters for those that want to steer away from large Global Chauffeur companies. The number one reason given in 2020 is feeling safe when travelling. Most importantly, it is probably helped, certainly in our case, by the fact that Junction 21 have a 100% safety record.

If you have recently travelled with one of our Bury Chauffeurs, why not leave a comment on one of the 3 review platforms below.

Reviews are a great way of telling others about your experience. As a result, the team at Junction 21 would be more than delighted to offer you a future discount, should you wish to use our services again.

Junction 21 Chauffeurs – Licensed to operate identification number PO0178