Three Tips For An Affordable Yet Luxurious Wedding


In the past, it was true that only the upper class rich people amongst us could afford a luxurious wedding. On their big day, these were the people to flaunt 5 tier wedding cakes, luxurious wedding invitations, impressive flower arrangements, and a chauffeur driving a top of the range wedding car.

Thankfully, times are changing and those of us with a more realistic pay packet are finding ways to have these luxuries but on a budget. This is thanks to competitive prices on the internet and savvy bridges and grooms who search high and low for the best deal on the web. So, it’s thanks to the wonderful world of the web why more of us can enjoy that high end feel on the big day. In case you haven’t quite sussed out how to get the best deals for your wedding day, here are three top tips on how to afford a luxurious day, without leaving your purse too empty.

1. Know your budget and plan around it

Just like planning anything on a budget, planning a wedding on a budget takes a lot of time and research. Particularly online, markets are so competitive that it’s worth looking into more than a few places to see where you can get the best price. Don’t forget the hidden gems in the corners of eBay. Knowing your budget also means knowing exactly what you need, how many brides maid dresses? How many invitations? Who is your photographer? How many cars will you need? The answers to these questions could vary to cost or save you thousands of pounds, so plan ahead wisely.

2. Don’t leave it all to the last minute

Your set date may seem ages away, but it always creeps up on the most unsuspecting brides and grooms-to-be. Leave nothing to the last minute; it will only add stress to the happiest day of your life. Last minute plans such as venue, meal or dress changes can also add some nasty extras to your budget so making sure everything is perfect in advance will help those purse strings remain tight.

3. Don’t be afraid to DIY

Obviously, when it comes to the cake and the dress, it’s probably in everyone’s best interests to leave it to the professionals. But when it comes to venue decorations, flower arrangements and table centre pieces, then you, family members and friends with a creative eye can help you stick to your budget. Websites such as Pinterest are brimming with eye catching ways to get creative with y0our wedding. Plus, what could be better than knowing you did most of the hard work yourself?