How to get more reviews

Being in the service industry it is very important to strike whilst the iron is still hot.

Set up an automated email to be released as soon as the driver drops the passengers off.

Something like this.

‘’Dear (Passenger name)

My name is (Driver name) and I thank you for trusting me to drive you to your destination today.

Now that I have dropped you off;

Did the service I provided, meet or exceed your expectations.

If yes, it would be fantastic if you took the time to LEAVE A REVIEW

If not, please let the office know if there is anything further I could have done, no matter how small, by replying to this email.

Kind Regards,

Bookings Team

Junction 21 Chauffeurs’’


Customers receiving an easy call to action that leads to the Review page on the website.

(Getting them to the website is great for SEO)

Offering more then 1 review platform helps capture a higher volume of reviews.

For example, if you only offer the option to leave a Google review, they are hardly going to bother signing into Google if they don’t already have a Gmail account.

Offer at least 2 platforms, or better still 3.


Have a separate page on your website to display your reviews.

Put a prominent link on all your other pages, linking to your review page

Again, this is great for SEO, keeping the traffic on your website, helping with your click through rate.

I personally see no benefit in copy and pasting individual reviews to social media.

It is always better to let others praise you rather than saying look how good I am.

Many people believe that self-praise is no praise at all.


I don’t believe in asking our customers for permission.

This would be different if we used their reviews randomly on social media.

If you use the right review platforms, they are already agreeing to the fact that they will be shown publicly.


Reply to all reviews immediately, and in the worse case scenario within 24 hours.

Again, always with SEO in mind, you will see that we include 2 keywords ‘Chauffeur Service’ and ‘Manchester Airport’ (Also including the name of our company)

It goes something like this.

‘’Dear (Passenger name),

Thank you for using our Chauffeur Service from Manchester Airport.

Your driver (Drivers name) will be delighted you left a 5-star review.

Best regards

John – Junction 21 Chauffeurs’’


Although, undoubtable, it reduces the amount of reviews you would get, don’t ask VIP’s and business clients (Booked through a third party)

Stick to customers such as holiday makers and those celebrating a special occasion, that are far more likely to respond.

Keep the process automated, apart from the last step, as you want to send a personal reply, which is the only manual part of the process.

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Tips to rank number 1 on Google

Every business with a website, dreams of ranking number 1 on the search engines.

Just reaching the top 3 spots, means increased traffic to your site, and the potential for increased sales, putting you ahead of the competition.

You don’t have to be a very large Chauffeur Company to rank high in the search engines.

Many independent operators have claimed the number 1 spot, in their own town or city, simply by following the steps below.

I am not a businessman, just a mathematician that happens to own a Chauffeur Company, and hope these simple FREE tips offer a bit of assistance to other small Chauffeur companies.

Chapter 1 - Get Backlinks

Step 1

Add your business to W3W (What 3 Words) It’s a brilliant way to get them to link from their website to yours.

Don’t delay, it’s FREE to do and they will be more than happy to add you to their Chauffeur section.

Step 2

If you have a good story to tell about your business, share it with Paul Webb or Mark Bursa at Professional Driver Magazine, or any other industry related magazines, another great way to get a link to your website.

Don’t just post a picture of your vehicle, or your latest customer review, on social media. Everyone is doing that, and it rarely makes any traction.

Step 3

Add a link to other chauffeur companies on your website and ask them to link back to you. That way you both benefit on the Search engines.

Don’t be afraid of also linking to your local competitors as only around 5-10% of Chauffeur Companies do this, and it will help you both get ahead of the companies that don’t link.

Chapter 2 to follow

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