Daily life running a family Chauffeur Business

Has technology changed your life for the better?

Such a difference from 13 years ago!

2008: 03.00 – Start work in the office just before the first job of the day

2021: 06.00 – Potter into the home office with 1st coffee of the day

2008: Spend an hour researching pickup locations for those harder to find addresses, such as farms and houses with names rather than door numbers etc.

2021: No need to do that now as Junction 21 Chauffeurs use W3W to pinpoint the exact location

2008: Answer emails and phone calls continuously throughout the day

2021: Answer the odd email or occasional phone call, as 95% of bookings drop straight into our booking system, either through our corporate portal or website booking widget. (Software provided by Chauffeur Drive Systems)

2008: 15-minute lunch at the desk

2021: An hour off for lunch and 30 minutes on the running machine

2008: Book quotes that have been accepted into the diary

2021: Press a button on CDS to toggle a quote to a booking in an instant.

2008: Manually email drivers jobs for the following day

2021: Jobs now automatically dispatched at 18.00

2008: Manually send confirmations to passengers

2021: Passengers receive an automated confirmation, with driver and vehicle details, the evening before travel at 19.00 BST

2008: 22.00 – finish work for the day

2021: 17.00 to 20.00 – R & D

Is my life easier now?


Indeed, all the extra time on my hands, enables me to do research and development to ensure we keep up to date and implement the right technology at the right time.

Image of Manchester Airport Taxis Mercedes V-Class
Image of Mercedes Estate car
Image of Mercedes Saloon

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W3W (What 3 Words)

Have you ever struggled to find a Friend?

Had a Taxi take you to the wrong entrance?

Had a package delivered to the wrong address?

Or could not explain where you where?

Fear no more, we have followed the emergency services lead by implementing W3W (What 3 Words)

If you are looking for a Safe and Covid secure VIP service, provided by an Award-Winning Business, we know where you are!

Junction 21 Chauffeurs (Keeping you safe – 3 words at a time)

Winner of ‘’Business of the year > 1 Million’’ @ Rochdale Business Awards)

Front seat passengers

Apologies to our clients that like to ride in the front of our vehicles.

From 7th Dec 2021, we are no longer accepting front seat passengers, until further notice.

If this results in passengers having to book a larger, more expensive vehicle, please use our contact page to let us know, and we will reduce the cost accordingly.

Although we are no experts on the new Omicron variant, we are well aware that many clients have cancelled upcoming bookings for related reasons.


3 tips to help your Chauffeur Company grow

1) Make sure customers can book online

Why? – It frees up your time to run your office more efficiently, or if you are a small company, drive your clients without being interrupted.

Junction 21 use Chauffeur drive Systems, and believe them to be the best, but try before you buy.

2) Don’t sign up to any booking platforms

Why? – It gives them the credit on the search engines and not you

If you rank at number one, you will be getting the bookings and not them

3) Don’t get your reviews collected through companies that want to rank above you

Why? – It gives them the credit on the search engines helping them rank above your company when customers are checking reviews before deciding to book

Use Google reviews as they don’t rank themselves on the search engines, they rank you.

Gift vouchers

This year’s gift vouchers are back on sale

Treat your loved ones to a Chauffeur Driven Executive Car Service, just because you can.

Whether it be a daily service taking the kids to school, trips to the shops for Mum, or simply taking a ride out into the countryside and enjoying a meal out in a quaint English pub.

Gift vouchers range from £50,000 to £500,000


Have you ever thought of being a Chauffeur (Chauffeuse)

OR know someone that could fit the bill.

£20 per hour + Tips + £5 bonus for every review.

3 CHEERS for the LADIES!

Lady Jane (Most requested Chauffeur since travel restrictions were lifted)

Lady Caroline (First job for Junction 21 just completed with tremendous feedback)

Lady Pauline (Dispatcher in the Junction 21 office, and my wife to boot!)

What does it take?

Ability to work well with high-net-worth individuals

For logistical reasons, live in or near the Rochdale area.

Have flexible working hours.

Apply to the council for a permit to drive for hire & reward.

Drive one of our Mercedes Benz vehicles. (Part time/Occasional to begin)

For all the men out there

You are not forgotten and are welcome to join the team.

We also welcome Private Hire drivers with their own licensed vehicle

What is the 1st question customers ask before booking travel?

Although we have released our answers to the question below, the result will follow 7 days after the survey began.

Q – How much is it from A to B?

A – Private customers can click the ‘instant Quote’ tab on our website and get a price in less than 5 seconds.

Presently, due to a lower demand, discount codes can be used which are clearly displayed on the quote page.

Corporate Clients can contact Junction 21’s office and a bespoke discount can be offered dependent on level of potential bookings

Q – Are Junction 21’s Drivers Vaccinated?

A – ‘’When Safe Travel Matters’’ has always been our mantra, now so, more than ever

Junction 21’s Drivers are Vaccinated, and follow a strict sanitising procedure in-between hires

Full Covid guidance on our Safety-First Page

Q – How do Junction 21 protect our data?

A – We have a full GDPR document that we provide to Corporate clients.

One of the benefits that most companies insist on, and indeed many private clients these days, is number masking.

Protecting our Customers data – Number masking (Replacing a real number with a virtual number) acts as a bridge between Driver & Passenger without exposing personal phone numbers.

Number Masking

Originally introduced for our high-net-worth clients, number masking has now been rolled out to all our Corporate clients and private individuals using our Chauffeur driven car hire & Airport transfer service.

Customer privacy, security & anonymity is as important to us as it is to you.

Number masking acts as a bridge between Driver & Passenger without exposing personal phone numbers.

All our drivers now have NO access to mobile contact numbers for passengers.

They just have 1 number to ring if they need to contact passengers and the number can only put them through to the next passenger on their job list.

When the passenger is dropped off the number expires.

If this is something that is important to your company or you as an individual, please contact us for further information.

160 Fixed Penalty Notices issued

People are breaking lockdown rules by dropping off family at Manchester Airport.

Greater Manchester Police have stated that they have issued 160 Fixed penalty notices to drivers dropping family members off at Manchester Airport in order to say goodbye and wave them off.

This is in breach the Covid 19 regulations, and yet, people are arriving at the airport with no intention of travelling.

160 Fixed Penalty Notices have been issued so far and drivers are easy to identify as the vehicle registration is captured upon arrival at the airport

For travellers that do not wish to travel on overcrowded Public Transport there are many Private Hire/Chauffeur Operators that are classed as essential travel vehicles, and fully licensed to drop passengers off right outside the entrance of the departure’s hall.

Image of police stood by Police cars


Winners of Prize – ‘’Mick & Sue Brett’’

A Private Chauffeur will pick the lucky winners up from home in a luxury Mercedes Benz vehicle and take them out to their favourite restaurant.

You can either nominate yourself or someone else you think deserves this fantastic prize.

Last chance to nominate will be Sunday 14th Feb @ 17.00

All names will be entered into our wheel of fortune. When the wheel spins, who knows where it will stop!

This Prize is for any date in the future when current travel & hospitality restrictions are lifted and is from any address in Rochdale to any restaurant within a 10-mile radius.

Chauffeur News Updates

Chauffeur News updates – W3W

Junction 21 Chauffeurs are now using W3W to find you.

So, whether you are at gate 21 of your favourite football club (ROCHDALE FC)

At the back of a concert hall, after watching your favourite singer (Eva Cassidy R.I.P)

In the bath with your favourite toys (Rubber Ducks)

In a precise location on your favourite beach (Blackpool)

We will find you, as the world is now divided into 3 metre squares using a unique combination of three words that will never change.

Find out more at W3W

Customers Reviews

Sully picked us up in from Manchester Airport and safely and delightfully delivered us to Derby, where my son is starting university. I highly recommend him.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Rene Hamlin

Ranked 5th out of 665 UK Chauffeur Companies and 1st in the North West

Read more 5 Star reviews below

I have used Junction 21 Chauffeurs on many occasions and as allows the service was fantastic. On the latest trip Jane was our driver, very courteous and professional.
Greater Manchester Chauffeurs Customer
Mark & Carol

Chauffeur News Updates

Chauffeur News updates – Manchester Airport

Drop off

£5 for five minutes

£6 for ten minutes

Over 10 minutes £25

Pick up

Up to 30 minutes £6

Up to 1 hour £12

Over 4 hours £55

Picture of CEO of Executive Chauffeurs
John Byrne - CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs
News Updates on Chauffeur Driven V Class
Executive Mercedes V Class
Executive Chauffeurs Vehicle
Executive Mercedes Saloon

The Covid 19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on Manchester Airport, with passenger volumes since March around 90% lower.

As a result of the biggest challenges they have ever faced, it has been necessary for Manchester Airport to review income from Parking to protect as many jobs as possible

The new charges above came in to force on 1st November 2020

Chauffeur News Updates – When safe travel matters

Chauffeur News Updates – Discount Codes updated Monthly – Special Discounts Available for 1st time customers.

Book with complete confidence When Safe Travel Matters. Moreover, know that you will receive excellent service from our family business.

Junction 21 provide a range of Executive Chauffeur driven cars in and around the Greater Manchester area. In addition, they supply Chauffeur Transfers to & from Manchester Airport, and throughout the North West of England.

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Manchester Airport

Junction 21 Chauffeurs track all flights using the official Manchester Airport Arrivals & Departures App.

This ensures that your Chauffeur will be stood in the arrivals hall at the right time.

Moreover, you will receive a precise location of where the driver will be stood holding up a name board

Chauffeur News Updates - driven by q

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