Five Excuses To Hire A Chauffeur

Many people have never experienced the privilege of being picked up by a professional Chauffeur and driven to the destination of choice in complete luxury and style.

People automatically assume that costs associated with a Chauffeur Driven Service are very expensive yet this isn’t actually true and many of you are missing out!

Whilst costs may be a little more than that of an average taxi, what you get is actually a whole lot more. The car will most likely be a top of the range model with plush leather interior which makes for a more comfortable journey, the driver will be briefed on your journey and will be able to offer a good insight into local areas – Where to eat, book a hotel etc, most of the cars have inbuilt wifi allowing you to work on the move if required and will almost certainly offer refreshments which is great at this time of year, especially with the summer that we have been experiencing.

Below gives a person five excuses to hire a chauffeur driven service!

Business appointments / meetings.

As with most things in general, making a good first impression is huge, especially in business. Arriving in a chauffeur driven car creates a professional image and an impressive sense of worth. The journey will most likely be a stress free one as each driver will have the route planned at the moment of booking. This will take into account any issues with traffic and allow you to arrive on time. As mentioned above, the cars will allow an exec to work whilst on the move and cater for laptops and tablets with inbuilt wifi services.

Airport transfers.


Should you have a long haul flight awaiting your arrival / departure the last thing a person would want to do is drive to or from your destination, especially if you are drained and jet lagged.
A chauffeur driver can ensure that your journey to and from the airport is comfortable and efficient. Should you have had a few alcoholic beverages on the plane, no problem! Should you need help with your luggage, no problem! Should you need to catch up on work mid route, no problem! Should you wish to close your eyes until you arrive home, no problem!

The perks of high class, comfortable and reliable travel start and end with us!

Wedding Car Hire.


Everybody wants to feel like a star on their wedding day. This is one of the most important days of your life and why would you not want to arrive at the church in style and luxury?

Most chauffeur driven services will offer a range of wedding cars – Stretched limos, vintage motors to the luxurious and prestigious modern day car like a top model Mercedes Benz! Your wedding day will be made all that more special when you arrive in a car that is usually associated with celebrities and royalty!

Upon booking one of the cars dont be afraid to ask about what packages are on offer. Most companies will ensure that champagne, refreshments and even food are available. Tell the company what you would like and they will tailor make your trip especially for you.

Party like a rockstar!


Imagine rolling up to a party in a top model Mercedes Benz. You would definitely create an entrance to be remembered. The numerous fleet options will ensure that you, a couple or a party of people can experience a champagne arrival which will definitely get you in the mood to party. At the end of the evening, the driver will make sure that you each get home, safely and comfortably without any hassle.

Prom Cars.


A prom is a significant social event in a young persons life as this marks the end of school years and onto greater things found within adult life. As social standing is everything at this age what better way than arriving at your prom in a fully pimped out top of the range merc! This will not only impress those around the youngster but may also inspire them to work hard so that one day this young person can afford a merc of their own.

This will be a day for them to remember. Most companies will have special offers on at this time of year so some good research is vital into finding the best company although it shouldnt take too long as you have found this blog post havent you!