Cost of Chauffeur Service 2021

Cost of Chauffeur Service 2021 – John, CEO @ Junction 21 Chauffeurs, answers top 4 questions people ask before making a booking

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FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur
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Top 7 Questions Customers ask before making a booking

Q1 How can I check a Chauffeur Company is Licensed?

A – Visit the licence Checker page to ensure you are travelling with a bona fide Company. Most importantly, the Licence checker information page contains links to the relevant Licensing authorities ‘’Public Register search for Licensed Private Hire Operators, Drivers and Vehicles’’. Well worth the 2-minute read.

if a Chauffeur Company is not Licensed – You will be uninsured for your journey


Q2 How far in advance can customers book on the ONE DAY SALE?

A – Customers can book travel on the day of sale for any time up to 12 Months in advance. Do not worry if you miss the ONE DAY SALE as many Chauffeur companies offer discount codes throughout the year.

Most importantly, the Day of the sale always offers the biggest Discounts.


Q3 – How do Chauffeurs keep Customers safe in the Flu Season?

A – Chauffeur Driven car hire has become more popular with customers switching from Taxis and Public Transport. Moreover, many clients are looking for added safety, especially in the Flu season or when there is a Virus circulating. The industry’s motto of ‘WHEN SAFE TRAVEL MATTERS’ has become more relevant. Moreover, all Chauffeurs follow strict guidelines for keeping you safe.

Some vehicles are also equipped with safety screens for that extra peace of mind.


Other Important Questions

Q4 – How much does it cost to hire a Luxury Executive Car and Chauffeur?

A – The price varies depending on the time of day. Indeed, Vehicle choice and the amount of discount applied triggers the cost. All you need to do to get a quote is enter Date, Time and Pickup/drop off addresses.

Enter the discount code for an Instant quote in seconds.


Q5 – What do Customers say about Chauffeur Companies?

A – Always take a look at a Chauffeur Companies reviews page before making a booking. Most companies collect reviews on at least 3 independent review platforms. In fact, some even offer further discounts for customers that leave a review when their expectations have been exceeded. The reason being, reviews help achieve a higher placement on the search engines.

Don’t worry if not many recent reviews are posted during the quiet season or when there is a pandemic, as there is usually very little travel taking place. One word of caution, always look for independent reviews and not one’s that have been copied and pasted on a website with no timeline.

Remember, leave a review and many Chauffeur Companies will offer you an extra discount on your next booking.


Q6 – Do Chauffeurs provide Wedding Transportation?

A – Yes, most Chauffeur Driven Car Hire providers have a wedding Car Hire page. Moreover, you can usually find a list of vehicles available for Wedding Transportation. The happy couple often book a Manchester Airport Chauffeur Service to start and end their Honeymoon in style

On the big day, some companies even offer FREE transport for the Groom.


Q7 – Can I book a Private Chauffeur Sightseeing tour of Manchester?

A – Not many Chauffeur Companies provide sightseeing tours. Maybe in the future they will, as the demand is set to increase for those wanting a private tour for extra safety. Executive Chauffeur companies that do, usually provide both half and full day Sightseeing Tours.

Experience this magnificent City from the comfort and extra safety of your own private vehicle.


Why Choose a Chauffeur?


There are many reasons private customers choose a Chauffeur Driven vehicle.

Special anniversary

Birthday treat

Trip to a nice Restaurant

Airport Transfer

Wedding Transportation

Do be aware that dressing the vehicle in Ribbons and Flowers will add to the cost.

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Business customers usually book transfers with a professional driver, in a Chauffeur driven Vehicle, when wanting to impress their clients. That said, the main reason for choosing this service is for WHEN SAFE TRAVEL MATTERS

More Information on the Chauffeur and Executive Hire company can usually be found on the ABOUT PAGE.

FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur Driven Vehicle

Customers usually select a Chauffeur driven hire company to make an evening out feel more memorable rather than travelling by Taxi or driving themselves. Chauffeurs offer a high level of customer service, making it a more enjoyable experience.

Airport transfers are extremely popular with clients that want a 5 Star Chauffeur Service to start their holiday or business trip in style, after all, why book a 5 Star Hotel and travel in less than 5 Star style.

Find out the different types of SERVICE


FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur – What is the cost?

How much does a Chauffeur cost? Chauffeur prices can range from £69 to £199 per hour, cost includes both Chauffeur and vehicle. Most Chauffeur Companies have a minimum charge of 4 hours, that will bring the total minimum cost up to between £276 and £796.

Larger vehicles, such as the new Mercedes V Class with conference seating in the rear for 6 passengers, can cost much more. Additional costs will apply if your plans involve travelling further afield as most companies limit the basic cost to around 15 miles or so.

Mercedes Saloon – From £80 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 3 x medium luggage

Mercedes Estate – From £90 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 4 x luggage plus carry-on luggage

V Class MPV – From £100 – Ideal for 6 x passengers and 6 x luggage plus carry-on luggage

Tesla Model X – From £149 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 3 x medium luggage

FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur – Which is the best Vehicle?

Many makes and models fit into this category but by default the most commonly booked in the UK are Mercedes. The Mercedes V Class MPV is the go-to vehicle for many reasons including the below.

Conference seating in the rear for 6 passengers or just pure luxury for 1 or more.

Fridge to keep drinks cold to offer customers during long transfers or after a long-haul flight.

Spacious interior for easier social distancing.

Most Chauffeur companies have a page on their website dedicated to showing off their VEHICLES


FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur & Gratuities (Do you tip a Chauffeur?)

It is standard to tip Chauffeurs 10% for a job well done.

Most reputable companies encourage tipping the driver directly rather than the company as the driver is the one providing the service on the day.

This is only recommended if the customer feels that an outstanding service has been provided.


Do Chauffeur Companies offer discounts?

A few Chauffeur Companies offer discounts to NHS Staff, some even expand this to all key workers.

It is always worth emailing a Chauffeur Driven Car Hire Company and asking if they have any special offers on. This can benefit the customer with cheaper prices and benefit the Chauffeur company who will be happy to discount some fares during the quieter periods.

An example of this would be if a Chauffeur Company had a drop off, at say, Manchester Airport and did not have a return job for the driver to pick up. They would be more than happy to offer a discounted fare for a client requiring a pickup from Manchester Airport, helping to fill empty legs.

Some Chauffeur driven Car Hire companies also offer discounts to 1st time customers in the hope that they will become regular customers in the future.

Some Executive Chauffeur companies even have a page on their website for DISCOUNT CODES


FAQ about hiring a Chauffeur When safe travel matters

During recent times, such as the Covid 19 outbreak, there is more call for safer travelling options, rather than using public transport or Taxis that pick up multiple bookings each day. A Chauffeur usually carries out just 2 to 3 jobs each day, valeting the car in-between commissions. It is always worth the extra effort to see what customers are saying about the service and checking to see if they have an up to date safety policy.

When Safe Travel Matters, the 1st page you should visit, even before checking prices or selecting vehicles, is the SAFETY PAGE on the website of the company you are thinking of booking for your Executive travel. This will contain the official licence that the company operates under.


FAQ about Reviews – How do I know they are genuine?

The best way to know reviews are genuine is to check that the Chauffeur company are not just copying and pasting on their websites but are getting reviews from 3rd party suppliers. Some of the most common review platforms for Executive Travel companies are listed below.





How do I know the Chauffeur company are legally Licensed?

If you see a price that is too good to be true, it probably is!

As with most types of Businesses, the Chauffeur industry is no different.

In times of high unemployment, you start to see a lot of offers, especially through the socials, whereby someone has gone out and bought a Mercedes, immediately starting to advertise cheap rides to the Airport.

To operate legally, the following, which come at considerable cost, need to be put in place.

Chauffeur Insurance

This can be up to 10 times more expensive than regular car insurance.

Public Liability Insurance

Minimum cover of 5 Million GBP

Operator’s Licence

This is obtained from Public Health, Public Protection Services, from whichever Licensing authority they operate under.

At the moment, only an authorised officer of the council or a Police Officer can ask a driver or company to produce it, that said, most reputable companies make it readily available to the public.

The main information it contains is the proprietors name, company name and Licence number, example as below.

MR Byrne / Junction 21 / PO 0178

Check if a Company is legally licensed to Operate using the LICENCE CHECKER

Private Hire Chauffeur Vehicle Licence

This licence is displayed in the front windscreen of the vehicle and should always be checked by the passenger before getting into the vehicle.

Private Hire Chauffeur Drivers Licence

This is worn by the Chauffeur and once again should be checked

The Licence to Operate ID is usually located on the Chauffeurs SAFETY POLICY PAGE


Difference Between Chauffeur & Driver

Key differences between a Chauffeur and a Driver.

Whether you are a Private Client or a Business Traveller, do you choose a driver or Chauffeur when safe travel matters?

Who can be a Driver or Chauffeur?

Read Chauffeur ‘V’ Driver PAGE


Do Junction 21 Chauffeurs offer a Meet and Greet Service?

Our Professional drivers wait in the Airport arrivals hall with a meet and greet board. Prior to collection, passengers receive a message with all the driver’s details, including information on the exact spot the Chauffeur is stood.

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Junction 21 Chauffeurs – Licensed to operate identification number PO0178