Chauffeur Driven Tesla Model X – All Electric – Zero Emissions

Executive Chauffeur Driven Tesla – When Saving the Planet Matters. All Electric – Zero Emissions. Instant Online Quote.

Book with complete confidence. Moreover, reduce you Carbon Footprint.

Stay safe with the built in HEPA filtration system, helping keep the Air clean. This is a must, especially in the Flu season or when there are Viruses around.

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Executive Chauffeurs Luxury Tesla vehicle
Tesla Model X - Falcon-Wing doors
Executive Chauffeurs Tesla Model X Vehicle
Tesla Model X - Slick Spaceship-Esque Styling

More about the Chauffeur Driven Tesla

With its feature Falcon Wing doors, the Tesla is a favourite for more discerning clients. Moreover, the slick Spaceship Esque styling makes it stand out in the crowd. Most importantly, it is a must for arriving in style. Even the bucket Vegan leather seats appeal to many.

The Tesla Model X has a price tag of more than 3 times that of a typical Mercedes E Class. Consequently, it is not to everyone’s budget.

A local hire for a Chauffeur Driven Tesla starts from around £149. As a result, it is mostly booked by clients in the higher earning Bracket. That said, many clients just book it for a special one-off treat.

Why do so many of the Larger corporations book these Luxury Zero Emissions Vehicles? Basically, it is to help offset their Companies Carbon footprint.

Andy, the latest owner driver to join the Junction 21 platform, states the following. ‘’I am passionate about providing the highest level of service. Indeed, one that is positive, not just for customers, but also for the environment’’

Chauffeur Services – Customer base

Customer base at Junction 21. It ranges from large Corporations to Private individuals.

How do our clients find us online?

UK Customers

Customer in the UK search for Chauffeurs and Chauffeur Driven Car Hire.

International visitors

Our International clients, in the main, use words like Limousine service. Consequently, they search for Electric Taxi Service or Zero emissions limousine hire.

Zero-Emission Executive Travel

Junction 21 Chauffeurs are trained to the highest standard. Indeed, our 100% safety record is a testament to the care we take in looking after our customers each and every day.

Help reduce your carbon footprint and make the switch to the all-electric Tesla Model X.

Drivers are professional and courteous at all times. Most importantly, this distinction helped Junction 21 to win Business of the Year at RB Awards. The whole team was delighted to receive this recognition – The first chauffeur company ever to do so.

Junction 21 uses the latest technology. This ensures your journey is planned and completed to your expectation. Moreover, all passengers will receive driver and vehicle details twenty minutes before pickup.

In conclusion, from the moment you book you will find yourself in the hands of a team of people who care.

Junction 21 – When saving the planet matters

What is the cost of booking a Chauffeur Driven Tesla?

Prices usually start from around £149 for a fully Licensed Chauffeur Driven Tesla. This could be for a local transfer taking you to your favourite restaurant, or indeed, just a special treat for yourself or partner. Moreover, many clients book the Tesla as a surprise for their Grandparents, or for a special experience for their Children’s Birthday Party.

The entry price of around £149 usually covers a distance of between 1 and 15 miles.

The Tesla Model X is licensed for 5 passengers. That is to say, the maximum number of passengers that can be legally carried is 5. However, we advise a maximum of 3 passengers. After all, being Chauffeur driven is about luxury travel.

It is worth noting the following. During Pandemics, or even the Flu season, many Chauffeurs prefer not to allow front seat passengers. Subsequently, it is worth checking the advice of the Chauffeur company before making a booking. GET A QUOTE

Chauffeur Driven Tesla - Long Distance Transfers

Are you travelling further afield?  Additional miles, over the 15, would incur extra costs. Typically, each extra mile, would cost between £4 to £5. Consequently, this does depend on the time of day.

Tesla’s all-electric powertrain delivers unparalleled performance. Consequently, for long distance transfers, it delivers a driving range of around 300 miles.

It is always advisable to book well in advance to assure availability. More so, for extra safety in the Flu season, or in times when a Virus is circulating.

Typical cost for Chauffeur Driven Tesla to or from Manchester Airport

Price below is for an airport transfer of up to around 20 miles.

Approx. £199 – Ideal for 3 x passengers and 3 x medium luggage.

Cost includes Meet and Greet in the arrival’s hall. For convenience, passengers will receive a confirmation email prior to collection.  Most importantly, the email will notify passengers the exact spot the driver is stood. For convenience, the driver will be holding up a name board.

In addition, the passenger will receive drivers name, picture, and contact number. Likewise, the vehicle details. These include registration number and picture of vehicle.

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Do Junction 21 Chauffeurs also offer a Taxi Service?

Our Sister company, J21 Airport Taxis, offers a Taxi Service.

This service is available for transfers to or from Manchester Airport.

3 levels of service available – TAXI QUOTE