Rochdale Business Awards 2015

J21 Airport taxis would like to thank everybody that has supported our business over the past 12 months and who took the time to vote for us in our our category of ‘Business of the year’ 2015.

As a company we really try to go the extra mile to ensure our customers have a memorable experience when using our service and we feel that it is this approach that has played a part in our success.

Award winning J21 team

Our client base has continued to grow over the past few years which is a testament to our service.

Business of the year award;

Business of the Year (turnover under £1m)
J21 Airport Taxis
John Byrne said: “Thanks to Rochdale, team J21 and our customers. Against so many quality businesses I couldn’t have dreamt it in my wildest dreams.”


Winners on stage;


6 Reasons To Use Junction 21

Image displaying six reasons why using J21 is beneficial

It’s no secret that at Junction 21 we provide a fantastic range of Chauffeur Driven Car and Airport Taxi services, in fact, we’re now ranked 2nd in the UK and 1st in the North West!

That’s why we’ve put together a short but handy infographic that shows off some of the great services we offer. The image allows us to quickly share our great services visually, which is a simple way to break down our service offerings!

Be sure to let us know what you think of our new infographic!

Here’s what the piece details:

6 Reasons To Use Junction 21

Airport Taxis

We provide safe and reliable airport taxi transfers to and from Manchester International Airport.


Chauffeur Driven Prom Cars are sleek, stylish and safe. We’re #1 in the North West!

Nights Out

Travel between venues on a romantic or fun filled night out!

Business Trips

Reach important meetings and events in good time and plenty of style!

Wedding Cars

We’re rated 2nd out of the 1,077 providers of Chauffeur Driven Wedding Cars in the UK.

Luxury Travel

Add the perfect finishing touch to a luxurious city break, romantic dinner or celebration.

Be sure to share our handy infographic with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to make their next trip, event or celebration truly luxurious and stylish! For more information on our great range of services, you can contact our friendly team today on 01706 660 263.

Make the Most of Junction 21’s Luxurious Services During Easter


Everyone loves Easter Weekend; a 4 day weekend that doesn’t take away from your annual holiday’s is a dream come true for most workers in the UK, and it’s no surprise that thousands in the UK make the most of these extra 2 days off.

While many may simply plan to lounge around the house in their fluffy pyjamas, plenty of people will be packing their bags or getting ‘dolled up’ for a short trip or a night on the town, and with Junction 21, you can do each in style and luxury!

Short Breaks with J21

Taking a break on the Easter Holidays is a fantastic idea, especially if you are taking advantage of one of the many city break deals that can be booked during this period. If you are going all-out this Easter and have booked a flight for a short escape, then consider taking full advantage of the Junction 21 Airport Transfer service.

At Junction 21 we offer a more competitive rate than regular airport taxis, allowing our customers to get great discount on a comfortable and reliable airport transfer service.This will allow you to completely avoid hiring an overpriced taxi at the airport and guarantee your booking in advance, ticking one more vital thing off your travel checklist!

Days and Nights Out with J21

If you’re looking to use the Easter Holidays for one stylish and luxurious day or night (or both!) on the town, then look no further than Junction 21’s Chauffeur Service.

Our experienced and knowledgeable drivers are well trained and friendly, ensuring your transfer to and from your destinations are smooth, comfortable and timely (eliminating and chances of being late for important bookings!).

Our number one priority is the enjoyment our clients experience, and our chauffeurs strive to provide that every day.

The whole team at Junction 21 would like to wish all of our valued customers and readers a very Happy Easter.

If you’d like to hear more about our affordable and luxurious Chauffeur and Airport Transfer driver services, don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01706 660 263 for a chat with our friendly team!

Airport taxi banner for easter

Why Travellers Should Always Pre-Book Airport Transfer Taxis

Airport Taxi Manchester

Why Travellers Should Always Pre-Book Airport Transfer Taxis!

Professional airport transfer services can be incredibly useful when travelling, be it whilst abroad or simply when making it to a shuttle flight during visits or business trips; not only is this an incredibly cost effective way to travel, but it also ensures your trip will be off to a smooth, comfortable and reliable start.

Secure and Reliable

While airport taxi services are certainly a quick and convenient way to travel, they offer additional reliability by being booked far in advance, ensuring that other travellers in your area won’t have booked out all of the available cabs at your time of travelling. Be sure to book an airport transfer service with as much notice as possible to secure your booking, either to or from the airport. Again, this takes one less stressful job off your travel checklist before the day of your flight!

Airport transfer Manchester

Airport transfer services are a great idea when travelling from your arrival airport to your hotel or chosen destination, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area you are arriving it. Another great reason for booking an airport taxi service in advance is it can avoid misunderstandings when travelling in a foreign country.

Many people find communicating with taxi drivers in foreign countries more difficult than they first anticipated, especially if they are not able to describe their destination to them in a way they are able to understand. By arranging the transfer in advance with a company that is able to speak your language however, the journey will be pre-arranged and the driver will know your destination before picking you up.

Cut Costs on Cabs

A pre-booked airport transfer service will also help you save money. At Junction 21 we offer a more competitive rate than regular airport taxis, allowing our customers to get great discount on a comfortable and reliable airport transfer service. This will allow you to completely avoid hiring an overpriced taxi at the airport.

What is it that makes a superb chauffeur experience?

At Junction 21, we pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and luxurious airport transfer taxi service to our valued customers in the Bury and Manchester area. If you are travelling to or from Manchester airport in the UK be sure to give us a call today on 01706 660 263 to book a secure and comfortable transfer for a fair, competitive price.

5 Events Perfect for a Chauffeur Driven Car


Hiring a chauffeur driven car is undoubtedly a truly wonderful experience, particularly if hiring from Junction 21. Whether you are looking to add a stylish and first class finishing touch to special occasion, or simply get around in style during a short stay in a new area, travelling via chauffeur driven car is sure to improve your experience significantly.

Here are five common events and occasions that are well-suited to hiring a chauffeur driven car (to name but a few!)


While we aren’t exactly short of birthdays, there are certain milestones in our lives that are considered significant, and commonly come with a more significant celebration.

Birthdays such as the 18th and 21st birthday can often warrant something a little more special in terms of celebrations, so hiring a chauffeur driven car for the day to escort you to and from the various venues on your special day can really add a perfect finishing touch to the occasion.


The amount of meticulous planning that goes into a well-orchestrated wedding day is nothing short of staggering, and ensuring your wedding car either for the happy couple or key guests is of high quality and style as soon as possible allows you to tick one of the slightly larger priorities off the list.

Our sleek vehicles are perfect for wedding occasions and can be dressed accordingly to match the requirements of the customer.


The high school prom is a very important occasion, not only does it reward our youngsters with a great sense of achievement and mark the beginning of the next chapter in their lives, but it provides them a fantastic social setting at which they can dress to impress and arrive in style!

With a chauffeur driven car from Junction 21, you can be sure that your son or daughter will be in the safest of hands, as will arrive at the prom right on time in a sleek and stylish vehicle fit for the most lavish of executives!

Business Trips

Our drivers are experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the road systems around our areas of operation, so booking with Junction 21 will ensure any important business meetings or events won’t be missed by surprise roadworks or rogue taxi drivers who may opt to take the long way around to hitch up their fair!

Our beautiful cars are well-suited to have you arrive in sophisticated style to any business event, and out well-dressed drivers look the part too!

City Breaks

If you are enjoying a romantic getaway with your partner then making your way around town in a chauffeur driven car could be that perfect finishing touch to your itinerary.

Filling up your few days with spotting some of the areas great hot spots and attractions as well as enjoying all of the fine food and drink there is to be found is a fantastic idea, and blissfully gliding between each location in one of our sleek and stylish chauffeur driven vehicles is sure to make your trip simply unforgettable!

The Benefits Of Using Junction 21 Chauffeurs

Junction 21 Chauffeurs offer a chauffeur and wedding car hire service to the people of Rochdale, Oldham, Bury and Manchester.

The professional approach towards our customers over the years have enabled us to grow at such a rate that both ourselves and our customers feel that our services genuinely separate us from other companies, a belief that has been backed up by one of the UK’s largest independent review companies, The Free Index.

We have been voted the 2nd best Chauffeur service in the UK and Wedding car of the year for the past 2 years by the Free index independent reviews company which is a testament to the way we treat our customers.


The above info graphic will hopefully give you a good insight into our company as well as listing the benefits of using our services.

What Makes a Great Chauffeur Experience?

What is it that makes a superb chauffeur experience?

At Junction 21 Chauffeurs, we make it our personal priority to deliver the best possible chauffeur experience to our customers, every time.

But creating a first class experience entails so much more than simply transporting our clients from A to B; our service combines great customer service, modern luxuries and safe and efficient transportation to create a full chauffeuring package that our customers will never forget!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes our Chauffeuring service special.

Discreet, Professional Service

Over the years, we have worked with a wide range of customers, from business people and VIPs to renowned celebrities and premier league football players.

Our clients can rest assured that our experienced and professional drivers prioritise the customer’s experience and peace of mind above all else, and will strive to ensure your journey is relaxing and above all else, hassle free.

Outstanding Vehicles

No chauffeur service is worth paying for if the vehicles aren’t up to scratch.

Our fleet of vehicles are fit to meet the needs of any customer, from our stunning E 250 Sport Blue Mercedes Benz to our beautiful wedding and prom cars, perfect for celebrating that special day!

Each of our vehicles is kept in impeccable condition and ensured to provide the customer with spotless and stylish surroundings during the entirety of their journey.

Knowledgeable Staff

Our drivers have a firm knowledge of the local area’s hot spots, perfect for ‘out of town’ clients who are looking for a list of great places to visit in Bury and surrounding areas.

Our drivers are more than happy to arrange your night out, using their local knowledge to match your tastes and needs to ensure your stay is as pleasant and enjoyable as possible, both within and outside of our luxurious vehicles!

At Junction 21 Chauffeurs, we pride ourselves on our professional and luxurious Chauffeuring service. Over the years we have continued to improve and refine our service to ensure we were able to bring our clients the experience they know and love!

If you would like to learn more about our Chauffeuring service, visit our service pages to find our contact form or call today on 01706 660263.

Celebrities and their Mercedes Benz Obsession


Whilst Mercedes Benz has always been a popular car of choice for the rich and famous, it seems Mercedes are the latest celebrity accessory and must have item. Recently, lots of high profile celebrities have been spotted in their new luxury Mercedes. It’s no wonder; Mercedes are the best in high performance and the ultimate statement car. Nothing says ‘I’m important’ more than arriving to an event in a car with the famous three pointed star.
From racing car drivers, film stars, artists and models, they are all hopping on the Mercedes Benz bandwagon (and what a lovely looking wagon it is).

Since 1881, Mercedes have been the leaders in technology and style and have since been known for high end, quality and luxury vehicles. It’s no wonder it’s the car everyone want to be seen in, including celebrities. Here is a list of just some of the celebrities share the love for Mercedes Benz.

Lewis Hamilton


It very possible that our very own Lewis Hamilton could quite possibly have the most impressive collection of Mercedes cars. It comes as no surprise as the Formula One driver made the chance from McLaren to Mercedes at the end of his 2012 season, proving his strong loyalty for the brand.
Not long ago, Hamilton uploaded a picture to his Instagram of his two prize possessions; his SLS Blackseries and his older silver Blackseries.

Kelly Brook


Kelly Brook is also partial to the charms of Mercedes; she’s been spotted driving a brand new CLS63 AMG Coupe which comes with the hefty price tag of £81, 930.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian


If anyone can afford to buy into the luxury of the Benz, it’s certainly Kim and Kanye. Both have been seen sporting a Mercedes G63 AND an S class.

Rowan Atkinson


Rowan proved to the world he is a man with fine taste when he was pictured in April getting into his £200,000 gull winged Mercedes SLS AMG supercar. Not for the faint hearted, this supercar has a top speed of just less than 200mph and goes 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock Runs Errands

Sandra Bullock has been seen sporting a brand new Mercedes Benz GL550 which one key accessory; blacked out windows, of course. The 7 passenger SUV is the perfect mixture between their signature style and practicality.

Three Tips For An Affordable Yet Luxurious Wedding


In the past, it was true that only the upper class rich people amongst us could afford a luxurious wedding. On their big day, these were the people to flaunt 5 tier wedding cakes, luxurious wedding invitations, impressive flower arrangements, and a chauffeur driving a top of the range wedding car.

Thankfully, times are changing and those of us with a more realistic pay packet are finding ways to have these luxuries but on a budget. This is thanks to competitive prices on the internet and savvy bridges and grooms who search high and low for the best deal on the web. So, it’s thanks to the wonderful world of the web why more of us can enjoy that high end feel on the big day. In case you haven’t quite sussed out how to get the best deals for your wedding day, here are three top tips on how to afford a luxurious day, without leaving your purse too empty.

1. Know your budget and plan around it

Just like planning anything on a budget, planning a wedding on a budget takes a lot of time and research. Particularly online, markets are so competitive that it’s worth looking into more than a few places to see where you can get the best price. Don’t forget the hidden gems in the corners of eBay. Knowing your budget also means knowing exactly what you need, how many brides maid dresses? How many invitations? Who is your photographer? How many cars will you need? The answers to these questions could vary to cost or save you thousands of pounds, so plan ahead wisely.

2. Don’t leave it all to the last minute

Your set date may seem ages away, but it always creeps up on the most unsuspecting brides and grooms-to-be. Leave nothing to the last minute; it will only add stress to the happiest day of your life. Last minute plans such as venue, meal or dress changes can also add some nasty extras to your budget so making sure everything is perfect in advance will help those purse strings remain tight.

3. Don’t be afraid to DIY

Obviously, when it comes to the cake and the dress, it’s probably in everyone’s best interests to leave it to the professionals. But when it comes to venue decorations, flower arrangements and table centre pieces, then you, family members and friends with a creative eye can help you stick to your budget. Websites such as Pinterest are brimming with eye catching ways to get creative with y0our wedding. Plus, what could be better than knowing you did most of the hard work yourself?

Five Excuses To Hire A Chauffeur

Many people have never experienced the privilege of being picked up by a professional Chauffeur and driven to the destination of choice in complete luxury and style.

People automatically assume that costs associated with a Chauffeur Driven Service are very expensive yet this isn’t actually true and many of you are missing out!

Whilst costs may be a little more than that of an average taxi, what you get is actually a whole lot more. The car will most likely be a top of the range model with plush leather interior which makes for a more comfortable journey, the driver will be briefed on your journey and will be able to offer a good insight into local areas – Where to eat, book a hotel etc, most of the cars have inbuilt wifi allowing you to work on the move if required and will almost certainly offer refreshments which is great at this time of year, especially with the summer that we have been experiencing.

Below gives a person five excuses to hire a chauffeur driven service!

Business appointments / meetings.

As with most things in general, making a good first impression is huge, especially in business. Arriving in a chauffeur driven car creates a professional image and an impressive sense of worth. The journey will most likely be a stress free one as each driver will have the route planned at the moment of booking. This will take into account any issues with traffic and allow you to arrive on time. As mentioned above, the cars will allow an exec to work whilst on the move and cater for laptops and tablets with inbuilt wifi services.

Airport transfers.


Should you have a long haul flight awaiting your arrival / departure the last thing a person would want to do is drive to or from your destination, especially if you are drained and jet lagged.
A chauffeur driver can ensure that your journey to and from the airport is comfortable and efficient. Should you have had a few alcoholic beverages on the plane, no problem! Should you need help with your luggage, no problem! Should you need to catch up on work mid route, no problem! Should you wish to close your eyes until you arrive home, no problem!

The perks of high class, comfortable and reliable travel start and end with us!

Wedding Car Hire.


Everybody wants to feel like a star on their wedding day. This is one of the most important days of your life and why would you not want to arrive at the church in style and luxury?

Most chauffeur driven services will offer a range of wedding cars – Stretched limos, vintage motors to the luxurious and prestigious modern day car like a top model Mercedes Benz! Your wedding day will be made all that more special when you arrive in a car that is usually associated with celebrities and royalty!

Upon booking one of the cars dont be afraid to ask about what packages are on offer. Most companies will ensure that champagne, refreshments and even food are available. Tell the company what you would like and they will tailor make your trip especially for you.

Party like a rockstar!


Imagine rolling up to a party in a top model Mercedes Benz. You would definitely create an entrance to be remembered. The numerous fleet options will ensure that you, a couple or a party of people can experience a champagne arrival which will definitely get you in the mood to party. At the end of the evening, the driver will make sure that you each get home, safely and comfortably without any hassle.

Prom Cars.


A prom is a significant social event in a young persons life as this marks the end of school years and onto greater things found within adult life. As social standing is everything at this age what better way than arriving at your prom in a fully pimped out top of the range merc! This will not only impress those around the youngster but may also inspire them to work hard so that one day this young person can afford a merc of their own.

This will be a day for them to remember. Most companies will have special offers on at this time of year so some good research is vital into finding the best company although it shouldnt take too long as you have found this blog post havent you!