5 Events Perfect for a Chauffeur Driven Car


Hiring a chauffeur driven car is undoubtedly a truly wonderful experience, particularly if hiring from Junction 21. Whether you are looking to add a stylish and first class finishing touch to special occasion, or simply get around in style during a short stay in a new area, travelling via chauffeur driven car is sure to improve your experience significantly.

Here are five common events and occasions that are well-suited to hiring a chauffeur driven car (to name but a few!)


While we aren’t exactly short of birthdays, there are certain milestones in our lives that are considered significant, and commonly come with a more significant celebration.

Birthdays such as the 18th and 21st birthday can often warrant something a little more special in terms of celebrations, so hiring a chauffeur driven car for the day to escort you to and from the various venues on your special day can really add a perfect finishing touch to the occasion.


The amount of meticulous planning that goes into a well-orchestrated wedding day is nothing short of staggering, and ensuring your wedding car either for the happy couple or key guests is of high quality and style as soon as possible allows you to tick one of the slightly larger priorities off the list.

Our sleek vehicles are perfect for wedding occasions and can be dressed accordingly to match the requirements of the customer.


The high school prom is a very important occasion, not only does it reward our youngsters with a great sense of achievement and mark the beginning of the next chapter in their lives, but it provides them a fantastic social setting at which they can dress to impress and arrive in style!

With a chauffeur driven car from Junction 21, you can be sure that your son or daughter will be in the safest of hands, as will arrive at the prom right on time in a sleek and stylish vehicle fit for the most lavish of executives!

Business Trips

Our drivers are experienced and extremely knowledgeable about the road systems around our areas of operation, so booking with Junction 21 will ensure any important business meetings or events won’t be missed by surprise roadworks or rogue taxi drivers who may opt to take the long way around to hitch up their fair!

Our beautiful cars are well-suited to have you arrive in sophisticated style to any business event, and out well-dressed drivers look the part too!

City Breaks

If you are enjoying a romantic getaway with your partner then making your way around town in a chauffeur driven car could be that perfect finishing touch to your itinerary.

Filling up your few days with spotting some of the areas great hot spots and attractions as well as enjoying all of the fine food and drink there is to be found is a fantastic idea, and blissfully gliding between each location in one of our sleek and stylish chauffeur driven vehicles is sure to make your trip simply unforgettable!